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Support Ticket

We provide online tech support should you need assistance. If you have any problems email us at the email address posted on our contact information web page that you can find by clicking the "Contact Us link on the top of this page, a “digital support ticket” will be created from the email you send. An email provides a digital record of the problem you want help with. The information in your email is saved in a database and becomes a “digital support ticket”. A “digital support ticket” is easily forwarded to the appropriate customer service representative designated to resolve the type problem you have encountered. This digital record of your request for help will insure that your problem is responded to promptly, and reduces lost or inaccurate information about the trouble you are having, thus promoting accuracy in the support service you receive. Phone messages can not be converted to a digital record, and can not be entered into the new “digital support ticket” system. Because messages taken over the phone, or messages left on voice mail can not be entered digitally in to the digital support ticket system, it is therefore necessary that requests for assistance be sent by email for a prompt and accurate resolution. Email's are reviewed frequently and are responded to anywhere between 15 to 1 hour, depending on the time of day and the issue submitted. We will act promptly to respond with a resolution. Please be aware that the request submitted after 7:00 PM EST will be responded to the following morning by 10:00 AM EST

Be sure to explain your situation detailing the specific set of circumstances related to the issue you are requesting assistance with. Include your license objective, and if you are currently licensed or have previously held a Florida license, it is important that you find the correct full license number and enter that full license number in the email you send requesting support. Florida cosmetology license all start with a two letter license classification code that indicates what area of practice you’re licensed to perform, followed by a set of numbers. Seven numbers are currently the maximum numbers you should find in your license number, you may have less than 7 but if you have more and it is a Florida license, you are not looking at your actual license number, keep looking, we need the correct number. The two letter license classification code that precedes the numeric portion of your license number should be one of the following, CL, FS, FB, FV, or BW

If your request for assistance is regarding the 4 hour HIV/AIDS Salon Awareness Course you may or may not have a Florida license number, if you do put it in your email, if you do not have a Florida license but intend to apply for one or are applying for one, state this in your email. The 4 hour HIV/AIDS course is approved for and required to be completed by persons who are applying for a Florida license either for the first time and for persons who have an expired Florida license that has become null and void and they must re-apply as a result of the null and void license status. Everyone applying for a Florida license for any of the above mentioned type, regardless of if this is the first time to be licensed or if they had one that is no longer vaild because it became null and void must complete the 4-hour HIV/AIDS Course and submit the “Certificate of Course Completion for the 4 Hour HIV/AIDS course along with the appropriate license application. For the exception of Hair Braider Registration application that requires only a 2-hour HIV/AIDS Course, all other application's for.

Email your request for assistance to the email address posted on our
  Contact Us Web Page Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Most questions asked are similar if not the same, so to save you valuable time a link that will direct you to a Web site assistant is provided below. The FAQ Web page has been prepared to answer all of the most frequently asked questions routinely received. It is a good idea to review the list of questions before you send an email, its possible your question can be answered immediately, making it unnecessary that you write, send, and then wait for a reply to a question you want answered. What many perceive to be a problem is found to be the way the process works. Answers to the frequently asked questions give information that will eliminate unnecessary concerns. They can also let you know when there may actual be a problem that needs to be looked into, prompting you to proceed with an email requesting a resolution to a particular issue you may be experiencing.

Answers also provide information detailing current Florida law requirements for each beauty license classification as well as, license renewal rules to follow according to each different license protocol and application submissions. Even if you think you know what requirements you must complete, it’s still a good idea to confirm you are correct, and that there isn’t anything additional or new that you are also responsible for to be completely compliant with all license renewal requirements. It only takes a short time to review and confirm that you know what all you are expected to do. Confirming you got it all correct can be done with a quick visit to the frequently asked questions Web page, where up to date information is at your finger tips. A short few minutes spent now, can lessen the possibility of you making a time consuming mistake.

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Please Read Our Company Exchange/Refund Policy:
100% REFUND: We refund 100% of the charges for course fees paid for any course not applicable toward fulfilling the Florida license education requirements of the course participant, when we were contacted for instructions and we directed the participant to complete a course that was the wrong course for what their education requirements are.

EXCHANGE ONLY: Course fees paid by persons who chose the wrong course without consulting us first, will be applied toward the completion of the correct course after the correct course is completed through our company if done within 15 calendar days. We welcome phone calls and emails from persons that need to know the correct course they should take.

LIMITED REFUND: Card transaction processing company’s charge for ever transaction processed including course fee payments, and course fee refunds. Payment processing is conducted by a merchant service provider and not by us; we never obtain your card information and cannot make charges to your card. Charges to a cardholder account can only occur from one thing, by the person entering the information in the payment form clicking the payment form submit button. We have several warnings on our website in strategic locations warning and requesting to not use the back button and then click the submit button again. Duplicate payments occur when the person making the payment completes the payment form, clicks the submit button, and the payment processes successfully, after which the person paying uses the browser back button to return to the payment form and then clicks the form submit button another time. Do not click the payment form submit button more than once. If you have entered information incorrectly and need to correct the information you entered on the payment form, please email that information to us at the email address posted on our "Contact Us" information web page.

NOT REFUNDABLE: Express Electronic Course Reporting Services cannot be refunded because the service has already been rendered and it is impossible to be reversed. Our express electronic course reporting service is standard with our continuing education courses that are not being offered as a promotional course. Promotional courses don't come with express electronic course reporting. To avoid purchasing courses or services that you didn't intend to purchase please read the text on the page that you open the course and course quiz from. Each course page clearly explains the cost of the course fees and the type of electronic course reporting that will be provided for that specific course. By reading the information that we enter on the course page you will know exactly what you are choosing and how much you will be paying.

NOT REFUNDABLE: If you complete a course that is approved by the Florida Board of Cosmetology for your license type we are required by Florida Law to process those course completion records and send an electronic course report for that course for you to the Florida DBPR, even if you don't want for us to do that. We are bound by law to report all course completions that are valid courses for the license type of the person completing the course. Because the course is valid for your license type and the law requires us to process the course completion records and send a report the course fees are not refundable. To avoid paying for a course that is not refundable make sure that you are taking the best course for your license renewal needs. If you are a cosmetologist, a full specialist, a facial specialist, or a nail specialist you need 16-hours of continuing education. Make sure you read the information on the course page before you begin your course and course quiz to be certain that you are choosing a 16-hour course. The 2-hour HIV/AIDS course is approved for continuing education purposes and is a valid course for the above mentioned license types so we are required by law to process course completion records and send an electronic course reports for this course so completing this course when you need 16-hours is not the best selection. Please read and select a 16-hour course to avoid course fees that don't meet all of your continuing education credit requirements.

Thank you.